, AU Commissioner for Rural Econ〓omy and Agriculture, said earlier this month that the〓 55-member pan-African bloc is working d4

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locusts. In order to g〓et more international help, Somalia on Feb. 2 declare〓d the locust infestation a national emergency. Irandu〓 said that the present invasion is likely to cost eno〓rmous financial and human resources far beyond the ca〓pability of the East African countries. Hence there i〓s a need for a concerted effort by regional and o0


ther〓 international organizations to offer money, expertis〓e and equipment such as planes. Otherwise, the locust〓 invasion may wipe out food production in many Africa〓n countries. The FAO recently launched a 76 million U〓.S. dollars appeal to control the locusts' spread. We〓eks latv

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